Apple Hand Pies for When You Finally Get Your Shit Together


I haven’t been baking much lately.  Mostly because I rarely eat refined sugar now.  Isn’t that pretentious?  I don’t care, it’s working for me.

It’s officially fall.  The foliage is at it’s peak and our front porch is piled with festive orange pumpkins.  We’ve all settled into our new routines and responsibilities and you know what guys?  I’m finally getting my shit together.

Kind of.

So today, looking at the pile of apples in our refrigerator crisper drawer, I decided to make a festive seasonal treat.  I mean, might as well try.


Apple Hand Pies for When You Finally Get Your Shit Together

2 All Butter Pie Crusts

6-8 handpicked organic apples or whatever

1/3ish cup sugar


Ground Ginger


Make a pie crust.  You can use this recipe.  Don’t use a store bought crust, you know it offends me.

Finely dice apples and mix in sugar and spices.  You can experiment with this.  Don’t live your life based on what random recipe blogs tell you to do, you are a grown adult now.

Use a *wide mouth* mason jar lid to cut rounds out of the rolled pie crust.  It’s so quirky!

Put a spoonful of apples in the center of each round.  Wet the edges of the crust and press another round of dough over the top.  I use a fork to seal it.  It’s kind of cute but also super lazy.  Also use the fork to stab some holes in the top.  Pretend they are the entitled white men of the Senate who have wronged you.  Kidding not kidding but kidding. (lololol, so funny, right FBI?)

Bake at 375 degrees for 30-40 minutes, until browned on the bottom.

Cool and eat in reasonable single serving portions.

Or shove them all in your mouth.

I’m not here to judge you for your life choices.  We’re all trying.




One Reply to “Apple Hand Pies for When You Finally Get Your Shit Together”

  1. Love these! Thinking about your apple crisp recipe now that temps here are falling and leaves are smiling at me, with winks and blinks of color here and there. Thank you!


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